Come celebrate YL SATURDAY may 30th 4PM - 10pm

Hosted By Main Street Merchants Association

Questions or comments about the event? Interested in being a vendor?  Call, email or visit for more information. 

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Main Street, Yorba Linda, California 92886

e v e n t | d e t a i l s


2 Live Music Stages

Live music is THE HEARTBEAT of our celebration.  CYL features a main music stage, as well as an Indie music showcase featuring multiple artists.


Artisans + Food Vendors

Just as in previous years, Inspired Vibe is bringing its talented tribe of creators.  Come shop the artisan market, and enjoy the excellent selection of food!

Some of our 2019 Food Vendors: 

Aloha Acai Bowls

The Keto Bakery Box

Dogzilla | asian fusion hotdogs

Kala Truck | artful Mexican cuisine

Rosie Rae's toffee

Baklava Babe 

Deliziosas Papusas

Drizzle | funnel cakes

JP's Kitchen 

The Rustic Que | BBQ

Terra Wood-Fired Oven Pizza


Craft Beer and Drinks Garden

We brought in some extra special partners last year to bring you the best CYL craft beer experience yet! 

Featuring Lagunitas Brewing, 2Towns Cider, Seek Out Seltzer Real Hard Seltzer, and 805 Brewery at the CYL drink lounge!



FOOD VENDORS (pre-packaged)

FOOD VENDORS (pre-packaged)

PRIME 10x10 Space $125 (limited available)

10x10 Space $100

FOOD VENDORS (pre-packaged)

FOOD VENDORS (pre-packaged)

FOOD VENDORS (pre-packaged)

PRIME 10x10 Space $125 (limited available)

10x10 Space $100


FOOD VENDORS (pre-packaged)


10x10 Space $100 + 10% of sales

Local Business spotlight: My Gym

MyGym for Toddlers & Kids | 18510 Yorba Linda Blvd Yorba Linda CA | @MyGymYorbaLinda

*My gym will be participating in this year's event by setting up an obstacle course designed for children.  It's a great way to experience My Gym and their passion for teaching kids! 

My Gym was born out of our passion to teach children in a fun, physically engaging environment. 

We delighted in seeing children’s eyes light up for all those incredible firsts, from the tentative first steps to the  parents’ joy at their children’s accomplishments.We knew from the start that, through fun and captivating activities, we could accomplish great things. 

Our goal: To create an environment where children feel loved and supported so their self-esteem and confidence can flourish. Now, more than 35 years later, we’re proud to say that all children of all abilities can succeed and thrive at My Gym.

With 500+ locations worldwide, our dream of active, giggling children growing into happy and confident adults has been realized. We cherish every one of our members and are grateful to have each as part of our My Gym family.


Local business spotlight: Lemon & main

Jewelry Store Featuring Local Designers | 4896 Main St Yorba Linda CA | @LemonandMain

Founder: Leah Miller

Tell us about the name: Lemon and Main came from the two cross streets that the shop resides on.  Yellow is one of my favorite colors and one of the accent colors we drew into the decor of the shop. It's fitting that it relates to the color of lemons: bright, happy and aesthetically pleasing.   I have also always loved the quaint, old town feel of Main Street and I hope to bring some boutique-y yet modern touches to the street. 

Who’s been the most influential in helping with the business?  My family instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in me and have always been my biggest supporters. 

What’s one thing many people don’t know about the business? All of my designers are females. It didn't initially start out that way, but I love how it has evolved. I am extremely impressed by them and their talents.  I love that we can continue to empower and support one another. 

What part of the business best represents your identity as a person?  I've always had a passion for small businesses and for supporting people instead of big machines.  I hope to revive that and provide a place for small designers to be seen. I never knew exactly how this would transpire and in what field but am excited to be living it out through Lemon&Main. 

What do you see when you look ahead? I hope that I continue to keep this as the forefront of the business and that I can continue support more designers. 


LOCAL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: The vault hair salon

The Vault Hair Salon | 4866 Olinda Street Yorba Linda CA | @theVaultYL

Founders: Alyssa Lima & Leann Carranza

How'd the business get its name? The Vault Hair Lounge was named after the actual Vault in our building. It was added when the building was used as the site for the Yorba Linda water district. 

Who's been the most influential in the business's success? Each other! We have similar likes and goals, and we tend to agree on most everything. 

What led you to start the business?   I have always had my eye on this building. I grew up here in Yorba Linda for the last 46 years. I walked past the little school house from Main Street where my mom worked at Frills and Freckles, I believe it was called.  When it came up for lease, I jumped head first, spontaneously. Which is so not like me, but I knew we could be successful here. It meant a lot to me to be here. 

What's one thing most people don't know?    

We never wanted to own our own salon!  We just wanted a great environment to finish off our long careers. 

What part of the business matches your personality?   The esthetics represents us. It's relaxed, casual classy and inviting. We did the design all on our own, including some of the construction. 

As you look into the future of your business, what's most important to you?  Happiness! 


LOCAL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Terra wood-fired kitchen

Terra Wood Fired Kitchen | 4884 Main Street Yorba Linda CA | @TerraWoodFired

Founder: Nick Saba 

What's the story behind the name of your business?  It all began in a backyard with a wood-fired oven built in 2001.  Many years later and after cooking and entertaining family and friend “Terra” was born. Terra” true to its Latin meaning, Land/Earth best defines the use of freshest quality ingredients in its purest form.

Most influential person in your life who helped you start or run the business: This business wouldn’t have worked without Doreen Saba because she encouraged and supported me through the entire process.

What originally led you to start the business? My passion for food and hospitality.

If you could tell your customers only one thing about you or your business (that they don’t already know) what would it be? I purchased the building for Terra back in 2008 with the intent of opening a restaurant.  Dreams don’t happen over night!  It takes planning, focus, lots of patience, resilience and most importantly faith in God!

What part of the business is the most YOU?  Transforming great ingredients into a memorable meal.  It’s my comfort zone. 

What’s most important to you when you look into the future for your business? That we created a great venue for the community to gather and feel connected with one another.  


A few of the 2019 CYL bands!

Juliet Roberts 

Instagram: @JulietRobertsMusic

Pacific Radio 

Instagram: @PacificRadio 

The Dumes

Instagram: @TheDumes

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